Simple Business Phones

Your ideal phone system does not have to be complicated

Simply designed to help you love your phones!

Our Company

P&D Simple Solutions, LLC

With over 20 years of business computer and information technology expertise, P&D Simple Solutions LLC is a business technology service company owned by Patrick and Destiny Hoerter.

They believe that phone systems should be easy to operate for your team and incoming callers, and flexibly tailored to your unique needs. Your message should travel to your phone, and take messages when and where you want them to. P&D Simple Solution's mission is to deliver exceptional phone service to your business, helping you love your phones!

business phone systems in Wausau, WI

What's Included

Your monthly service comes loaded with everything you need for advanced communication

  Enterprise features

Get big-business tools in a solution right-sized for your company

  Phones that evolve

Your rate covers free phones, full warranty and 36-month upgrades

  24x7 support

Works confidently with US-based support, plus local service providers

Cytracom Certified Partner

About Cytracom

As a provider of Cytracom VoIP, we deliver the business phone you know love in a straightforward system that just works- and is ready to start working now.

  •   Advanced Features:
    •  Mobile integration
    •  Voicemail to email
    •  Call recording
    •  Call conferencing
    •  Holiday routing
    •  Softphone support
  •  Phones that evolve
  •  NO contracts
  •  Local support