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Your ideal phone system does not have to be complicated.

Simply designed to help you love your phones!

With over 20 years of business computer and information technology expertise, P&D Simple Solutions LLC is a business technology service company owned by Patrick and Destiny Hoerter. As a couple that has devoted their lives to supporting a growing family and giving back to their community, they’ve partnered to deliver a service level that exceeds expectations and offers great value without hassles or surprises.

About Me

Our Services.

Free Comparison

We will sit down with you and compare your current phone bill and related expenses to one of our plans.  This is simple, because Cytracom has only two plans and they both come with all the features.  No hidden fees!

  • Save money with instant ROI!

  • Keep your cashflow steady with free phones!

  • Deliver priceless peace of mind with unparalleled reliability!


We offer a very attractive, flat-fee, on-boarding service to ensure you are fully comfortable with your new Cytracom phone service.  Some of the activities include:

  • Designing the BEST way for you and your customers to connect on the phone.

  • Configuration of the Cloud PBX.

  • Portal Training.

  • End User Training (Classroom or Train-the-Trainer).

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